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As a third year Economics, Maths and Statistics student in University College Dublin, Rachel has thoroughly enjoyed her time as a Business Analyst Intern with BoatyardX. Follow her journey.

An active player on the IT scene, BoatyardX was featured by Today Software Magazine (RO) in tech related topics as a subject matter expert.

When technology isn’t your core business it makes sense to go to an external partner such as BoatyardX. Discover how this approach works for Toronto-based Global Solutions Team.

There seems to be an assumption among young professionals, that the grind and toil of unexciting projects must be completed before you can get exposure to more interesting work. Find out how our colleague, Pino, started her Journey at BoatyardX.

We were recently interviewed by a new Software Insider website using a Reporter BOT, and it didn't go great! Sometimes #articialintelligence isn't as smart as we'd expect! See what you think.

BoatyardX is delighted to start working with to build out the platform’s feature set and help scale it in response to rapid growth in customer adoption.

Irish technology company BoatyardX delivers a compelling case for moving to the cloud to ensure the viability of your operations for the future.

As a growing start up, it’s important not to lose sight of the security and controls required on the IT systems that underpin the business. See how a recent Pen Test has resulted in significant cost savings at BoatyardX.

Happy International Women's Day! We celebrate today our incredible female talent across the globe and all their many achievements.