Your nearshore development partner

BoatyardX, where innovation meets ambition, and nearshore advantage takes center stage. In a world where demands are high, resources are limited, and goals are ever more ambitious, BoatyardX emerges as the solution to empower businesses to do more with less, all while aiming for the extraordinary.

Real value in real time

Remote-First DNA

BoatyardX has been a remote-first company for most of its existence. This background has allowed us to refine asynchronous ways of working without compromising on collaboration.

Long-term Partnership

We know how to cultivate enduring partnerships grounded in trust, transparency, and collaboration.

Innovation Roots

Born from an innovation studio and venture builder, BoatyardX embodies human-centred design, system thinking, and a profound appreciation for technology’s dual nature as a source of opportunities and constraints.

Our clients face the challenge of achieving lofty goals with constrained resources

In this landscape, traditional outsourcing falls short. Successful software projects demand more than just code; they rely on fostering a robust team culture and effective work practices. 

What we do

Building and Scaling Customer-Facing Projects

Elevate your brand with engaging and scalable digital initiatives.

E2E Application Development

From concept to execution, we take care of every step of application development.

Mission-Critical Systems

Trust us with the backbone of your operations, ensuring reliability and performance. 

Link Between Business and Technology:

Bridge the gap seamlessly with our expertise in aligning business objectives with technological solutions.

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What we are not

BoatyardX focuses on the application space and design elements. We steer clear of integrating ERPs, migrating mainframes, or shifting infrastructure to the cloud. Our forte lies in crafting impactful digital experiences. 

Interested in finding out more?

If you have a new concept or existing product and are considering taking the next steps, we would love to discuss if a BoatyardX Discovery project can help you achieve your product vision. Reach out at

Other BoatyardX Services


  • Discovery Services – product architecture and user experience design
  • Full-stack development
  • UI/UX design services
  • Reference Cloud Architecture deployment
  • Lifecycle management – business & technology strategy support
  • DevOps and IT support services



Our Technologies

  • Architecture: BoatyardX reference architecture
  • Frontend: Native JavaScript, Vue.js, WebPack
  • Backend: Java, SpringBoot, Maven, Docker
  • DevOps: AWS, Kubernetes
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, SonarQube, Gitlab
  • AQA: Selenium
  • UI/UX design: Figma, Miro
  • NoCode / LowCode