Technical Due Diligence

Customer Success Story

TTM Healthcare Group, a Broadlake company

BoatyardX was commissioned to provide a technology due diligence assessment of a proposed acquisition on behalf of TTM Healthcare, a healthcare services company headquartered in Ennis, Co Clare and has offices in Dublin, London and Manchester. Essential to the success of the acquisition was a rapid review of the technology landscape supporting a platform providing a total workforce management solution, highlighting key risks and opportunities in informing the acquisition process.







Key Challenges


  • Pace of the review was important, with BoatyardX being able to mobilise a team rapidly with the appropriate level of expertise to zero in on the central aspects of the platform, its infrastructure and  security and provide clear insights in supporting the acquisition process.

  • TTM needed a short, sharp, value based review that could get to the core issues quickly without the need for extended data gathering.



BoatyardX was able to deploy its lightweight Technology Assessment Framework to support TTM requirements, executed by IT advisory and technology experts to ensure the review was focused and completed at pace with regular interaction across all stakeholders throughout.


Business Benefits


  • A clear set of insights provided in report format, assessing both risk and opportunity for the client within their acquisition process.

  • Confidence in the underlying technology in supporting the overall acquisition process was a key outcome for the client.

Due Diligence Project Overview

A team was quickly established combining IT Advisory and deep Technical Architecture capabilities to
work with TTM and the proposed acquisition team to assess both the platform and the technology.
The assessment project, spanned three weeks with a full report provided on completion, examining
the following areas:
  • Architecture & Technology Stack
  • Scalability & Performance
  • Resilience & Recovery
  • Operations & Maintainability
  • Technology Capability
  • Security

“We used the BoatyardX team, led by Paul Quinn, for Due Diligence on two acquisitions where technology underpinned the businesses we were buying. BoatyardX went through all aspects of the teams, the technology and IP, and were able to provide a report that gave us comfort on the quality of the companies. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

says Broadlake COO, Brian Crowley

The Challenge

Acquiring a company can be a challenging process, none more so when the core aspect of the business being acquired centres around its technology offering. A critical input in forming an overall view of the intended target is a thorough assessment of the underlying technology supporting their product offerings. Availability of trusted expertise in these scenarios is essential in the assessment of the current state in informing the acquisition process of both risks and opportunities.

The Solution

BoatyardX light weight Technology Assessment Framework, designed and built on many years of IT Advisory and Technical Architecture experience enables a rapid review that gets straight to the core of the current state of the technology behind product/platform businesses. This enables companies get to a clear position on any potential technology investment, supporting agility in their decision making processes.

The Outcome

During this Technology Assessment assignment, BoatyardX supported the client in quickly understanding the technology environment therefore enabling comfort on the investment TTM Healthcare planned to make.

We can report that the acquisition has now been completed, further details are available in the link below:

BoatyardX Services

  • Product architecting and planning
  • Full-stack development
  • UI/UX design
  • Reference Cloud
  • Architecture deployment
  • Data engineering / data science
  • DevOps
  • Lifecycle management
  • Business & technology strategy support

  • Architecture: BoatyardX reference architecture
  • Frontend: Native JavaScript, Vue.js, WebPack
  • Backend: Java, SpringBoot, Maven, Docker
  • DevOps: AWS, Kubernetes
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, SonarQube, Gitlab
  • AQA: Cypress
  • UI/UX design: Figma