Recruiting Platform

Customer Success Story

About the project

BoatyardX partnered with our client, a successful recruitment organisation, to develop a disruptive custom-built recruitment platform, building upon their experience using an existing off-the-shelf solution. 





Key Challenges


  • The traditional recruitment processes are often tedious, time-consuming and unsuccessful.
  • The current video platform does not meet hiring managers’, recruiters’ or candidates’ needs.




An industry-agnostic screening platform solution that utilises peoples’ increased willingness to engage in a fully remote interview process.


A slick user interface and flow to enable better interaction with the platform.

Business Benefits


  • Save time for hiring managers and recruiters by streamlining the early stages of the recruitment process.
  • Improve the overall client and candidate user experience.




Discovery Project Overview

An integrated team approach was adopted between the two organisations, combining product, design technical capabilities, along with the deep business domain knowledge from the client in order to deliver at pace. The discovery project spanned eight weeks and as an output defined the scope of the MVP and target user experience.

The key focus areas were:

User experience for the candidate

– Recruiter / hiring manager user journeys

– Defining the scope of the MVP ensuring that the highest value features were prioritised.

– Selecting the video capture technology and defining the appropriate storage, distribution and retention protocols.


On completion of the discovery phase, an agile development team was formed which included client and BoatyardX team members to iteratively develop and deliver a fully functioning MVP in a subsequent 4 month build phase.. 

The Challenge

For those wishing to recruit, screen and interview candidates for various roles the traditional recruitment process is often tedious, time consuming and unsuccessful. It relies heavily on human input to conduct and follow through with hiring, sourcing and attracting candidates to a potential job role. This isn’t the most effective recruitment practice. This slow hiring method can be subjective and time-consuming, depending on the number of applicants a job receives.

The Solution

The video-based recruitment platform is a WebRTC application used by three user personas, the candidate, the recruiter and the administrator. The recruiter can create roles, add candidates to open positions and invite them to record video interviews. A novel feature allows the recruiter to create a video explaining the role and its challenges and attractions to candidates before they decide to respond. The platform allows candidates to register, learn about the company, the specific role and record video content to apply for open positions. The recruiter can then view and rate candidate videos. Working collaboratively with our client, the BoatyardX team, consisting of a solution architect and a UI/UX designer, translated existing ideas of how the system should operate into a series of user flows and key visuals to design the platform before handing off to the agile development team to deliver. 

The Outcome

During the discovery phase, we supported the client to reframe and scope the MVP in order to deliver a true MVP to the market in the minimum possible timeframe.  This approach accelerates the product release and enables feedback from real users to be incorporated into later phases of the design. 

Following the discovery phase, the MVP was built and is now being deployed and tested by a pilot group of users. 

The Result

To date the video-based recruitment platform has been deployed and tested with pilot users. The platform has significantly reduced the time and effort required to screen candidates in the initial recruitment process.  This results in higher quality candidates being progressed through to the next stage of the recruitment process. 

BoatyardX Services

  • Product architecting and planning
  • Full-stack development
  • UI/UX design
  • Reference Cloud
  • Architecture deployment
  • Data engineering / data science
  • DevOps
  • Lifecycle management
  • Business & technology strategy support


  • Architecture: BoatyardX reference architecture
  • Frontend: Native JavaScript, Vue.js
  • Backend: Java
  • DevOps: AWS, Kubernetes
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Gitlab
  • WebRTC
  • UI/UX design: Figma