HipFORGE Brand Development

Often entrepreneurs skip brand development because of budget limitations or lack of available skillset. A solid brand strategy is, however, the foundation of a successful venture which stands out from the crowd.

One of the tenets that we believe in at BoatyardX is design for good. Which is why we were delighted to partner with HipFORGE, an Irish Health Research Board-funded applied research project, which is focussed on recording and improving long-term outcomes for people who experience hip fracture.

The project is working with the Irish Hip Fracture Database to support hospitals in the recording of long-term outcomes, including mortality, function and quality of life, as part of routine care. It will also explore equity in hip fracture care standards across Ireland.

Raising awareness is a fundamental part of this project and the BoatyardX team were proud to establish the next iteration of HipFORGE branding. Our approach does not require entrepreneurs to spend a lot of time on (3 hours in total) and it’s proven to result in building a memorable, market-ready brand.

“BoatyardX have helped to raise the profile of the HipFORGE project by making sure that the presentation of our information is professional, engaging and easy-to-follow. The new branding serves to keep our message consistent as we support health professionals around the country to strive for best-practice care for their patients with hip fracture, now and into the future.”

Through lean and collaborative proto-branding workshops we captured the core values and qualities defining the unique brand personality of the project. We translated those insights into core visual assets, brand guidelines, templates, and collateral, which allows the HipFORGE team to engage their audience through traditional and online channels.