Helping CultureTech Simplify Licensing

At BoatyardX we believe in partnership with our clients.
Pushing a new product live and then helping to demonstrate to early beta customers is a fantastic experience for a software development team.

Doing this a few short months after first engaging with the client is doubly enjoyable, as the team quickly witnesses all the various stages of product build. From understanding users’ needs, to creating stories and EPICs, to writing code and maximising automated test coverage, the team becomes more and more engaged in the business, with its people, and the market it serves.

At BoatyardX we believe in partnership with our clients. This extends to our people truly engaging not just with the technology, but with the business’ strategy and goals.

CultureTech is currently in Beta mode, demonstrating its new platform, developed in partnership with BoatyardX, to a long list of museums aiming to streamline the complex process of art licensing.

Adelina, a backend developer with BoatyardX, has spent the last 8 months working on the Culturetech platform as part of a team of 7, working closely with the CultureTech lead developer. Collaborating from the early tech spike through to the launch, the team worked closely with end-users during early requirement definitions meetings, identifying a variety of solutions to simplify and automate the complex processes involved in art licensing.

“I really enjoyed the technical challenges, the learnings and the contact with the customer and end-users” commented Adelina.

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