Employee Spotlight
Karolina Coates

In our Employee Spotlight, we shine a light on the exceptional talent within our organization. Today, we turn our attention to Karolina Coates, the Head of Design at BoatyardX. With her visionary leadership and unparalleled design expertise, Karolina plays a pivotal role in shaping the creative direction of our company. Join us as we delve into Karolina's journey, explore her design philosophy, and gain insights into her remarkable contributions to our team.

What is your role at BoatyardX and what does a typical day look like for you? 

I head our design discipline, which gives me the privilege of working with a wonderful and talented group of designers. My day-to-day work involves ensuring that the team can do their best, identifying and removing any obstacles that might come their way.

What challenges have you faced in your role and how have you overcome them? 

Our clients come to us with complex, multi-faceted problems, which means that challenges are pretty much a given. Thankfully, our people share (among others) two key qualities: hunger for interesting problems to solve and deep commitment to producing the best quality deliverables. We challenge and support one another in doing exactly that and are not afraid to course-correct and pivot, when that’s what’s required to deliver value and successful outcomes to our clients. 

What have been your proudest achievements while working at BoatyardX?

Combining the power of creative thinking and latest technologies to solve real-life problems. We take great care and pride in constantly refining our toolkit and pushing the limits of the scale and complexity of problems it allows us to tackle. 

As someone recently queried: ‘Are you telling me that you can apply your discovery framework to solve world hunger problem?’ – yes, that’s exactly what we’re after. We can’t promise to solve it all, but we will find a way to move the needle in the right direction on a budget to suit your needs. 


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