Buy Now Pay Later SPI

Customer Case Study

Buy Now Pay Later SPI

Our client has identified the ever-increasing number of Buy Now Pay Later solutions operating in different markets. This demand for custom integration is impacting their limited development capacity and it is vital to balance the support for a portfolio of strategic BNPL solutions without creating the overhead and burden of individual integrations with each BNPL provider. ​







Problem Statement


  • Strengthening the integration points for partners (service providers) and customers into the Payment Gateway Services eco-system is an important objective in support of the Strategy.
  • How can the Payment Gateway Services best enable a broad range of BNPL providers to integrate to the Payment Gateway. 

Scope of the project

Over the course of a collaborative eight-week engagement, we delivered the following outcomes.  

  • Assess whether a BNPL/Instalments SPI is the right approach in support of the volume and demand we are seeing for BNPL
  • Conduct analysis based on the use cases outlined and deep-dive sessions with five of the BNPL providers in order to better understand the features required and determine the best path forward. 
  • Develop a design and project plan including proposed build approach and estimates in support of a broad range of BNPL solutions

Value Delivered

Provide an objective external assessment of the selected BNPL providers and the high level designs developed for a single BNPL integration.

Augmenting our clients’ internal technical capability we developed a set of recommendations which balanced the needs and priorities of a wide range of internal business stakeholders. 

Our analysis led to a change in strategy with an option for iterative implementation identified which enabled earlier delivery of functionality and ultimately an earlier release of the product while also remaining flexible to the rapidly changing BNPL environment. 

BoatyardX Services

  • Product architecting and planning
  • Full-stack development
  • UI/UX design
  • Reference Cloud
  • Architecture deployment
  • Data engineering / data science
  • DevOps
  • Lifecycle management
  • Business & technology strategy support


  • Architecture: BoatyardX reference architecture
  • Frontend: Native JavaScript, Vue.js
  • Backend: Java
  • DevOps: AWS, Kubernetes
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Gitlab
  • UI/UX design: Figma